Create your own Skills Audit

Working on a skills audit is a great way to establish what skills you have and what your level of expertise is for each of the skills. It will also highlight any skills gaps you have, giving you the opportunity to find ways to improve and develop areas of weakness.

By undertaking a skills audit you will clearly see where your strengths are which will help you during your job search, it may also help you identify which companies are the best fit for you.

To do a skills audit you need to:

  1. Write down a comprehensive list of skills you have gained from your work experience, your education and any personal experiences.
  2. Rate your expertise for each of the skills you have listed from 1 (low) – 10 (high).
  3. Write a list of jobs you would like to have
  4. Identify the skills required to do those jobs (check this against a real job description)
  5. Spot any gaps in the skills you have, and the skills to do your dream job.
  6. Look at what you need to do to develop the skills you need ie is it a training course, a qualification,  work experience, or do you need to get a different job in between your current career level and your dream job?
  7. Next, you could set yourself deadlines by which you will have gained the skills you need or identify companies that are very pro-training to help you get the education you will need.
  8. Add these details to your plan, put the plan somewhere visible and get started!

Now that you have started your skills audit, read our advice on revitalising your cv