The 30 second CV test

CV writing is becoming harder than ever. You’re not going to get an engineering job if you don’t know how to catch the attention of hiring personnel. Add to this that the amount of CVs being received for each position is increasing and a question presents itself: how can you get your CV to stand out?

Recruiters don’t spend long looking at each CV. Estimates are as low as 6 seconds, but more often it’s said that you have about 30 seconds to grab their attention, so it needs to be eye-catching!

Try our 30 second CV test, to see whether your application is effective.

  1. Are your contact details at the top of the page?
    Keep it simple with your phone number, email address and LinkedIn profile.
  2. Have you used bullet point format?
    A large block of text will not be read.
  3. Are the layout and font easy to read?
    Ensure your CV can be read at a glance.
  4. Have you included all relevant experience?
    Your CV shouldn’t contain any gaps or white space.
  5. Have you used effective buzzwords?
    Analyse what the employer is looking for and mention this in your CV.

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