Questions to ask at interview

So you’ve gone through the rigmarole of an interview, you’ve answered all the questions thrown at you eloquently and in detail, coming across as the shining beacon of scientific knowledge that we all know you are. You smile, relieved. Then, disaster! Your interviewer opens the floor to you:

“Do you have any questions for us?”

“No,” you think, panicked. “I haven’t prepared for this!”

Well, don’t fret. We’re here to help with these handy questions and why they’re good to ask.

  • What training is offered? This indicates that you want to better yourself and thereby the company –  it shows ambition without selfishness.
  • The company recently introduced ___. How has this helped? Shows that you have researched the company, and are interested in the developments they have been making.
  • Can I have a tour of the office/workplace? If you were not offered one, asking for a tour can indicate a willingness to integrate into the team quickly.
  • What’s it like working here? Whilst on the tour, ask a few people what the experience of the work is like, again showing willingness to integrate.
  • What is the business working towards and how would I help in this role? Self explanatory, this question will tell you if you will be valued by the company.
  • Are there any doubts about my suitability? This is a last resort question, when you feel like something has gone wrong during the interview. It might give you a chance to better express anything they have worries over and focus your answer accordingly.

Don’t always limit yourself to asking questions at the end though. If you’re confident enough, finish an answer of yours with a question for the interviewer. Remember, job interviews are supposed to be a conversation, not an interrogation.

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