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When searching for a new job it could be that you will be asked to attend a video interview. This may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry, we have some video interview advice tips to help you impress a Hiring Manager via video.


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First off, practice!

If you have never taken part in a video interview before, our recruiters are more than happy to help by having a trial run with you. You can arrange a Skype interview at our Meet the Team page, during which our recruiters can give you a few tips and tricks.


Get the location right

A video interview will mean the focus is not just on you. Make sure the environment behind you is clear of clutter and that you are well lit. Being in a dark and messy room does not present a good image. It is important to find a space in your house or wherever you choose to hold the video interview that is bright, clean, presentable, and free from interruptions. It is also a good idea to check how noisy the area might be. If you choose a cafe for example it could have a lot of background noise even with earphones on. Or if you are at home, could you be interrupted but the dog barking or a delivery?


Test the tech

The key to success in a video interview is to make sure the technology works, nothing is more frustrating than desperately trying to get the tech to work at the last minute.  First of all, ensure that your internet is strong enough to conduct the interview. Use a device which will be reliable, this could be your laptop or phone, either way, ensure that it is fully charged and there isn’t a risk of cutting out. It could be that you are unfamiliar with the video platform that the interviewer will be using, if so it is a good idea to do a trial run with it. Download the software in advance and practice using it. It is also a good idea to have the meeting id and password easily accessible so you are not searching through emails trying to find it at the last minute.


Get the angle right

It is important to get the angle of the shot right, the interviewer needs to be able to see you so the device should not be positioned to too far away, and vice versa, it shouldn’t be a ‘too close’ shot. It is best to have the camera on eye level and with a reasonable head/ top of body shot. Ensure that there is headroom so you don’t cut your head off if you move a little. Also, it generally is nice to show depth of field if possible, so rather than being up against a flat background, a natural environment shot gives a good impression of being in your own space.


Express yourself

You should treat the interview in the same way as you would a face to face meeting, so this means your body language has to be expressive. Make eye contact (with your webcam) rather than looking at the person on the screen, remain animated as you would in a face to face interview, and smile. Remember that the camera can have the effect of dampening personalities so it is an advantage to remember to show your personality as you cannot rely on the camera to reflect your natural manner.


Look smart

Another good tip is to make yourself presentable. Dress as you would for any interview – smart and professional.


Research the company

As usual, make sure you prepare by researching the role and company and have got everything ready beforehand. The benefit of a video interview is that you can have your notes there in front of you (but try to be subtle when you use them).


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