How to help us, help you!

There are a number of strategies that, as a candidate, we suggests you could adopt to help your cause:

  • Email your consultant with a reminder of your requirements; try to be flexible with these as the consultant will immediately consider you for more vacancies when they come in if you are. Be open to suggestions outside of what you see as your comfort zone.
  • Initiate regular contact. If you are having trouble getting a consultant on the phone, email them or contact them through LinkedIn with a polite reminder that you are still available.
  • Update your CV on CK+ regularly.
  • Try to follow the engineering vacancies that are posted on our site and ask your consultant to be considered for the ones that are of interest.
  • Make sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus, as an easy way to stay up to date with the jobs and news we post.
  • Make yourself an asset by passing on interesting information about the industry, as I am sure you appreciate the consultants are naturally more likely to work harder on your behalf if you have built up a relationship with them.
  • It is a difficult position to be in when you are seeking to change you job, but all recruiters are trying to help, try to be patient with them and once again, stay in touch.

By doing these things, we are far more likely to be able to help you in your search for an engineering job.

For more information or advice, please contact us today!