The Application Process for Contract Roles in Highly Regulated Industries

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and as a supplier to them we are required to carry out certain checks on their behalf before we introduce you to them. If you have recently applied for a contract role within the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry, we may contact you to request extra documentation. This is a normal part of the process when applying for contract roles within these industries.

In this short video, CK Group’s Hannah Oakley explains the process and talks you through the documents we will need from you in order to process and progress your application.

Watch Hannah’s video to learn more.


Once you have applied for a role in the pharmaceutical industry through CK, you will receive a couple of emails from our compliance team which include a registration form and potentially an exclusivity form, too. The main reason for the registration form is to obtain your consent to allow us to process your data and confirm your identity, qualifications and entitlement to work in the UK. The main reason for the exclusivity form is to obtain your consent to allow us to represent you in your job application.

Both forms are quick and easy to complete electronically, however if you do have any difficulty completing them please do let us know and paper versions can be sent out to you.

If you are successful in your application and are offered a job, there will be some further screening. This process includes obtaining up to five years of employment references (including an explanation of any gaps), your address history, criminality checks, health capability forms and other company specific forms. To prevent delays, please ensure that your CV reflects your true employment timeline.

Finally, as your agency employer, we are legally required to carry out an ID check in person prior to beginning your new role. This can be completed at any of our offices in Stevenage, Chesterfield or Durham, and you should bring with you a passport or other legitimate identification.

For more information about the screening process, you can contact us here and we will be happy to help.


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