The benefits of temp work

Temping. Ever thought of it?

If you are looking for an engineering job then you should have!

There are loads of benefits to temporary work, which is why CK have dedicated temp consultants – to help you along that route. So why do temp work?

It’s all about you. The flexibility of temp or contract work means that you can get work when you want it, for how long you need it. Your personal life does not necessarily have to play second fiddle to your career. This flexibility also gives you the opportunity to see more of the world. CK Engineers recruits for positions across Europe, temp positions in foreign countries can be taken up for a few months to spread your wings and have new, exciting experiences. A short contract won’t harm your career if you decide it’s not for you.

You’ll be able to diversify your skills. Different roles in different industries allow you to spend time learning a multitude of skillsets. This will do nothing but enhance your CV and allow you to figure out what you most enjoy doing.

Temping allows for a lot of networking opportunities. The more extensive your network of contacts, the more chance you have of finding other positions so as to develop more contacts. It’s a positive cycle. These contacts give you the leg up you need over other potential candidates.

A temporary role is perfect for those who are unsure as to where there career is going – graduates, in particular can benefit from the experience. It might not be exactly what you imagined, but if a good contract role is offered, don’t turn it down purely because you wanted a permanent position. You never know what that company will say if you perform excellently in the job!

Temping has many fantastic benefits, but can often be overlooked in the desire for a settled job. At CK we’re passionate about helping find the right job for the right person and that doesn’t always mean permanence!

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