How to Love Your Job

You might, at some point, find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut. The job you thought was perfect for you has descended into a repetitive slog and you feel like there’s a huge weight on your shoulders as soon as you arrive – how you can get more enjoyment out of your job?


How to love your job - woman enjoying her job


Take a look at our 7 top tips of how to love your job:


1. Motivate yourself

Set yourself a goal for each week. A target that you can achieve by the end of each week is something that will keep you going throughout.


2. Use a to-do list

You can easily achieve these targets with a to-do list. Organising your work each day will mean that you have a clear idea of what needs to be done, by when. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as crossing the last thing off of a list, either. When working your way through the list, concentrate on one item after the other. Multitasking might seem useful, but it will just lead to several things being done to an average standard, rather than each task being done to a high standard. Your focus will improve and you will progress steadily and effectively through your work.


3. Get your workload right

Make sure what you need to do, and delegate if you need to. If your goals are too vague, or you’re feeling like you need to do it all yourself rather than ask for help, you’ll be too stressed out to enjoy what you’re doing.


4. Take regular breaks

A break will let you recharge and move onto the next task. Taking a few minutes to break after completing a task, in which you do something unrelated to work, will mean that you find yourself liking being at work that little bit more.


5. Improve

At the end of the day, check your to-do list. Have you done everything you could have? Make a quick note of how to improve the way you did things for the next day.


6. Switch off

Once you’re out of work, switch off. If you carry on thinking about your job when you’re not doing it, that weight on your shoulders won’t lift at the end of the day and could affect your home life. Forgetting about the stresses of the day might take a bit of time to start doing, but once you do you’ll notice the difference!


7. Reward

Once you’ve achieved your goals or done your to-do list, give yourself a little reward. A day out with your family, buy something you’ve had your eye on for a while, or even just go and see a good film.


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