Enigma Diagnostics specialises in developing next generation rapid molecular diagnostic instrument platforms for decentralised and point-of-care settings. Enigma’s first IVD instrument is the Enigma ML System which will deliver raw sample to result diagnostic testing in 60 – 90 minutes and provide accuracy standards comparable with reference laboratories.

Operators of the Enigma ML system will not require specialist training allowing the system to be used in a broad range of settings in both developed and emerging healthcare countries.

Enigma is developing leading rapid diagnostic point-of care instrument and assay platforms, based on unique technologies that are underpinned by its broad Intellectual Property portfolio.

Enigma was founded in 2004 and is located at Porton Down, Salisbury, UK. It has facilities at San Diego, USA. The Company is a Private Public Partnership, the shareholders being UK Government (DSTL) and private venture capitalist, Porton Capital Technology Fund.

For more information on Enigma contact CK Engineers on 01438 768 716