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Women in Industry: Mary Kenneth Keller

Mary Kenneth Keller: The first woman to earn a PhD in Computer Science in the US was also a Nun. Find out more here.

A picture of Mary Kenneth Keller

Regulating innovation: the biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges in the tech world at the moment is how can you regulate disruptive tech innovation, whilst not limiting its growth. In our latest blog article we discuss this topic in more detail.

Women in Industry: Sameera Moussa

Did you know that one of the early pioneers of nuclear medicine was a woman called Sameera Moussa? I bet you didn’t. You may never have heard her name before but you definitely should have. Find out more here.

A photo of Sameera Moussa

Should we be worried about the future of the engineering industry?

With 50% of the engineering workforce set to retire by 2020, should we be worried about the future of the engineering industry?

A superb Data Analyst Supervisor role with an international life science company at their site in Bury.

The future is bright for women in engineering

International Women in Engineering day happens on the 23rd of June annually. For this year’s women in engineering day, I would like to celebrate two specific women. One whom you have probably heard of, and one you may not have yet.

woman electrical design engineer

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