5 ways to be a better manager to your engineers

  1. Communication

Meet with your engineers regularly to ensure they have a clear understanding of what they are doing and discover if they are having any problems or difficulties with their work. Provide them with insight as to how their work contributes towards helping the business achieve its goals. Make a concerted effort to get to know them individually as it is a good way to understand their motivators and personal challenges. These small efforts will make a huge contribution towards making your employee feel understood and valued by the business which is a great way to motivate. Most importantly, keep your door open and make them feel welcome whenever they walk in.

  1. Be open to new suggestions

More often than not, those that are doing the job are the experts in their field, making them best placed to suggest improvements. Be open to their suggestions and don’t be afraid to recognise and praise a good idea. You want to encourage creativity and innovation as it’s a sign they are taking ownership of their job and are motivated by the company.

  1. Delegate your work and trust your employees to do a good job.

As a manager, you need to step away from doing the practical side and delegate the responsibility of doing it. This is the ideal opportunity to develop your team and provide them with the chance to show their abilities and future potential. You may want to start with small manageable tasks, to begin with, but once they are more confident stretch them and take them outside their comfort zone – not only will this improve their skill set but it will make them more valuable to the company. However, it’s important to not assign blame. When something goes wrong help them to understand problems and how to overcome them. Do not take credit for their successes; you will be a better leader if you acknowledge them.

  1. Motivate, challenge and acknowledge your employees’ successes

To get the most out of your engineers you need to identify their motivators and set them challenges and targets based around those. By targeting their personal motivators you will find each individual employee enjoys their work and in turn, their output will increase. Everyone wants to achieve in life, it’s a natural human instinct, you are just taking advantage of that so you can turn your team into a high performing machine. Just make sure you acknowledge and reward their hard work when the opportunity arises.

  1. Lead by example – set highest possible standards for yourself

If you want your team to be the very best at what they do, you will need to set yourself the same benchmark. So by identifying your own areas of weakness and taking steps to improve them you will set a good example to your team that it’s ok to have weaknesses and to ask for support to improve them.

Management isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally, it’s a skill that requires developing so be open to the concept of continually developing yourself whether it’s by attending courses or reading books. There are many ways to manage so you may need to try a few before you find the style that best suits you and your team.

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