Top Tips for Remote on Onboarding

The first day or week in a new job is sometimes the most memorable, the next few weeks tend to pass by in a blur but the first day tends to stick with people. That first day or week can also fulfil the employee’s hopes and expectations for their new job or it can sometimes be disappointing.

Whether a first day is successful or not is often to do with the onboarding process. Successful onboarding can be challenging particularly since now many employees and Hiring Managers work remotely.

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Here are our top tips to a successful onboarding process:

  1. Ensure all documentation is complete. Has the offer letter, contract, reference screening, ID check, and onboarding paperwork all been completed and sent out? The time between the interview and the offer is time-sensitive and important. It is essential to complete all this paperwork quickly so the potential employee can hand in their notice in enough time for their new start date and feel confident about their new job.
  2. Ensure compliant employment. This may be the first time you are looking to hire a member of staff based outside of your country if so we can help. CK Group has a global network of partners which allows us to organise a payroll solution in your employee’s local currency and compliant with local laws.
  3. Is the infrastructure in place? It may seem simple however running through a checklist (staff and employer) to ensure both parties have everything in place for a smooth technical onboarding will solve many issues. This could include software licenses, IT hardware, access to collaboration software (Riot, etc), contact details for the key personnel. It can be really disappointing and frustrating for the employee to start work on the first day and be unable to login.
  4. Plan first day activities. Do you have a plan of what the new employee will do on their first day? A first day can be daunting especially if they are working remotely. Make sure that training and activities are ready to go. Arrange a video call between the team so they can break the ice and get to know a few people. It is also a good idea to arrange a virtual tour of the site or office that they might visit at some point.
  5. Integrating with the team. It can be difficult for remote workers to get to know their colleagues and feel part of a team. We have seen some novel suggestions for making new staff feel like part of the team. Suggestions like video conference lunch/coffee with the team, video boardgame night (or more traditional RPGs like D&D) and a book or virtual running club are all great ideas.

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