Engineering research report 2017

CK Technical has recently undertaken an extensive survey of engineers working within the science industries across the UK. We have been able to collate information across a broad range of areas, particularly focussing on careers, progression and benefit packages.

When compared to a similar study conducted in 2013 we have gained some fascinating results relating to changing trends within the profession and how they view employment. Engineers as a group within science sector are more content within their roles, reflected by the fact that the percentage of those surveyed who envisage looking for a new role within the next 12 months having dropped by 33% over the last 3 years. This increased contentment in their current roles is a reflection of a number of points including higher salary and benefit packages, while increased capital investment in the scientific sector has lead to more challenging roles which in turn has generated greater job satisfaction.

It is very interesting to see that financial benefit, while still important to engineers, is no longer the only motivator when looking for promotion or a new role. Flexible working is becoming a key component of the engineering function, and is playing an increasing role across the sector. It is important that employers recognise this when considering their benefits packages. This pattern is a reflection of society in general and the changing nature of the workplace, with remote and homeworking becoming more common. Workplaces are becoming friendlier so to allow their staff to meet the increased demands of the modern world. The ability of engineers to successfully carry out their roles remotely has been greatly enhanced by the continual improvements in technology and this is a pattern which will continue over the foreseeable future.

Overall engineers seem to be a fairly contented bunch at the moment, and they continue to be motivated by challenging roles. However financial rewards are no longer the be all and end all and they are seeking a much broader range of benefits in the workplace. Is this a sign that new motivators are coming to the fore?

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