2016 – A Good Year for Life Sciences and Chemical Industries?

Despite the uncertainties on the economic horizon, 2016 could potentially be a very strong year for the life sciences and chemical industries. The latest survey of business confidence of members of the Chemical Industries Association shows that 90% of businesses expect their sales to remain or exceed the levels of 2015. Real growth in these sectors was 5% in 2015.

Over 40% of organisations surveyed expect growth to be in excess of this. Companies surveyed also expect strong growth in terms of exports, investment in R&D and capital expenditure.

Stuart Elliott, CEO of the Chemical Industries Association states” what we are seeing across the sector is real confidence in growth. Of course the economy is very challenging for all sectors but our companies throughout the UK are investing for the future and providing a quality and safe service to their customers”

In contrast to the official trade figures the export growth from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors in 2014 and 2015 to countries outside the EU grew by over £6 billion. As the European market continues to struggle UK pharma and chemical companies are successfully targeting the more global market.

Interestingly from a recruitment perspective these sectors are buoyant, and as we draw into the close of quarter one the CK Group have seen a large increase in the number clients recruiting senior managerial roles. This is a reflection of the confidence in the sectors with senior executives moving roles for new challenges and opportunities rather than playing it safe and remaining with their long term employers.


If you want any further information contact loconnell@ckagroup.co.uk, Director of CK Group and Chairman of REC Life Sciences.



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