Bioengineering the Future

Bioengineering is a perfect marriage between engineering, clinical medicine and surgery. Advances in biotechnology have started to revolutionise how we can treat and prevent a huge range of health issues all the way from cochlea implants for the hearing impaired to life saving implantable defibrillators and even products for skin replacements. It’s a really exciting time to be involved in bioengineering and, we are seeing a lot more recruitment requirements in this area as new companies blossom and established companies start to realise the potential in bioengineering.

We are seeing many more jobs become available in this sector, as well as the fields of electronics, optics and materials which help to fuel the discoveries. Now is a great time to become part of this revolution in engineering and help to push the boundaries forward. We have already seen the introduction of Lab-on-a-chip devices that integrate several lab functions onto a single integrated circuit and uses very small fluid samples. This reduces waste and costs while giving faster analysis times. They are compact and can potentially be manufactured at low cost which could revolutionise diagnostics in places with few healthcare resources.

3D printing has also become more prevalent in healthcare over the last few years. Invented all the way back in the early 1980’s 3D printing has come a long since then. It can now be used to print personalised prosthetics to help people regain a normal life after losing a limb and research is ongoing into using 3D printing and stem cell technology to grow organs with less chance of rejection in the patient and no need of an organ donor.

The future of bioengineering is full of possibilities and, to make those possibilities a reality will take talented engineers with passion and vision. If you are interested in a role within bioengineering why don’t you have a look at our website and register your details through our CK + service.


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Author: Natasha Young

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