Chemical Engineer Vacancy Market 10th July 2014

This week has seen a really positive return to form for the market, so we can only assume last week was a blip / anomaly caused by adverts only being live for 7 days.

Each week CK Engineers will be trying to give you a picture of the state of one of the disciplines we work with, the Chemical Engineers jobs market.  Whether you are a Chemical Engineer looking for a new role or an employer seeking new Chemical Engineers to join your team, keeping up to date with industry news that impacts you is essential.

Our tracking is based on each week screening some of the UKs leading vacancy boards for how many Chemical Engineer jobs have been advertised within the last 7 days.

This weeks summary is for week commencing 7th July 2014 for the past week and relates to Chemical Engineer vacancies posted on CV Library, Monster, Reed, The Engineer, Just Engineers and LinkedIn.

Our results showed that from these job boards a total of 94 Chemical Engineer jobs were published in the last week, giving us an increase of 77% on last week, returning to the same bracket seen previously. Splitting it down, we have seen permanent roles rise by 66% to 79 and temporary by a massive 173% (although bare in mind the lower numbers exaggerating this) to 15.

This return to form for the market is encouraging and sees it return to the levels seen in the weeks prior to our last report. Therefore we can assume the numbers were thrown by a gap in report and pleased to confirm the market is staying strong. However we will watch this space and report on next week to see if this is due to continue.


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