How can you Encourage Engineers of the Future?

One of the main concerns of the UK STEM industries is where are we going to source our predicted 203,000 engineers per year for the next 5 years. At present there are a limited number of degree and apprentice qualified engineers hitting the job market, and it is widely recognised that a much greater focus needs to be made to encourage school leavers to seek careers in these fields.

EngineeringUK has released a new free guide to help STEM professionals to deliver exciting and varied activities encouraging young people to consider engineering as a career choice through their guide for professionals from industry and academia providing outreach activities for schools.

The guide suggests that making links between the skills involved in STEM and humanity studies with roles in the engineering sector helps to encourage school based students to consider careers in this sector.

Recent research for Tomorrow’s Engineers Week suggests that 90% of young people would like a career which tackles social issues, and by encouraging them to consider careers in areas focused on renewable energy, disease eradication and health improvement, plus social housing and construction should encourage their interest in engineering roles.

The guide encourages the professionals leading the activity to relate to the students and build on their personal experiences, while at the same time highlighting the need to be inclusive in their approach to encouraging everyone from different backgrounds and levels of education to seek a career in engineering.

Eleanor Eyre, Head of Careers at EngineeringUK said, ‘Engineers transform the way we live. Their work cuts across every conceivable area, from renewable energy, to medical technology to disasters response and space exploration. Recent research from EngineeringUK suggests the UK faces an engineering skills shortage, with 203,000 roles requiring engineering skills needed to be filled annually through to 2024 so it is vital that we nurture engineers of the future and demonstrate that through a career in engineering they could change the course of history and have an impact on a global scale. ‘’ Getting the message across’’ is a free resource that supports STEM professionals and qualified engineers to achieve the greatest impact through their activity or talk to help them connect with the school audience to inspire the next generation of engineers’.

This guide ‘Getting the message across’ highlights the need for all individuals and organisations involved in the engineering sector to get involved in highlighting the attractive and exciting career opportunities available within the STEM sector.

Take a look at the EngineeringUK guide here

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