How to Prepare for a Second Interview

Congratulations, you’ve passed your first interview! Now all that stands between you and your dream engineering job is a second interview. How do you approach it? How does it differ from the first interview?

A first interview is all about digging into your CV and finding out whether your personality is a good match for the company. It is a way for an employer to put a name to a face and test how accurate your initial application might have been. In contrast, a second interview focuses more on separating you from the other candidates in the running. An employer will aim to find out more about you by elaborating on specific elements of your capabilities or covering things that haven’t been already discussed.

There are a few things you should expect. You will meet a HR representative, who will probably give you a tour of the company (and if not, ask for one if time permits) before you then have interviews with various members of staff. Finally, you will discuss salary, benefits and employment guidelines, as is relevant.

As you may have gathered, or already knew, a second interview is a hectic affair. Preparation is extremely necessary to make sure that you can effectively deal with the trials and tribulations of the day.

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