Stage 2: How to write a great engineering CV

Job searching in itself can be very daunting especially for somebody who is just entering the job market or be it for somebody who is looking for a new job after a very long time.

Following the article from a couple of weeks back, written by Victoria Walker about the Engineering Recruitment Process (Click here); we are moving on to the most important aspect of your job search which is your CV. The first thing to do would be to research the company and the engineering job you are applying for. Tailoring your CV for every role will help you emphasize the key competencies the company would be interested in. This will help distinguish your CV from the lot and help you land an interview and eventually a job!

When it comes to writing a CV, a Recruiter/Hiring Manager will always look out for the following things on your CV:

  1. Personal Details

Please make sure to include your name, address, preferred method of contact either mobile/ landline/email (especially if you think you cant answer phones during your working hours, please highlight this on your CV and state your availability).

  1. Profile Statement/Personal Statement

Use this part of your CV as your marketing tool. Make sure you focus on your key selling points that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Keep it concise and make your intentions in applying for the job clear.

  1. Education

Start with your most recent qualification and work backwards including the name of the qualification, grade (expected/achieved) if comfortable to do so, Institute/University you attended and the date you graduated. If this is your first job, it is important to include a brief description of any projects or professional development courses related to the job you are applying for as well. Also, unless you are a very junior candidate, qualifications such as GCSEs do not have to be mentioned on your CV.

  1. Work Experience

Most people write this part in a reverse chronological order, so list your jobs in order of most recent and most relevant ones on the top.

Start with the company name, location, job title, state if it’s a temporary or permanent role, brief summary of your responsibilities, location and the start and finish dates. Make sure to tailor your responsibilities according to the job description and include any notable achievements.

5.  Skills

People pick up a lot of skills over their lifetime, which might come in handy during their job search. Think of any language skills or software skills you have gained, and state which level you are at. Please also make sure to substantiate any technical skills relevant to the job using relevant examples from the past.

  1. Hobbies/Interests

Including this  is always optional and often gives the interviewer something more personal/common that you might have to discuss at an interview.

7.   References 

Please let each of your referees know that you are applying for jobs and may be contacted by a potential employer/agency in order to supply a reference and check they are happy to do so. If you do not want to add referees to your CV for every application you make, please state that “References are available upon request” at the end of your CV. This does not mean you can land a job without any academic/professional references altogether. References are usually mandatory and it is very likely employers/agencies will want to contact them (with your consent) at the end of the recruitment process.

Things to bear in mind during and after the process of writing your CV:

  • Use an easy to read font, size and layout.
  • Do a grammar and spell check
  • Get a mentor / friend to proof read your CV prior to sending your CV across to potential employers/agencies.
  • Explain any big gaps in your employment history with legitimate reasons.
  • Use brief bullet points to state your responsibilities, which you can talk about in detail during your interview.
  • Do not lie on your CV for any reason, as you will be caught eventually!

If you do need any tips or suggestions on writing your CV, we at CK would be more than happy to provide you with some inputs or feedback on the same. Click here to contact us for more advice.

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