Chemical Engineer Vacancy Market – 03/10/2014

Each week CK Engineers will be trying to give you a picture of the state of one of the disciplines we work with, the Chemical Engineers jobs market.  Whether you are a Chemical Engineer looking for a new role or an employer seeking new Chemical Engineers to join your team, keeping up to date with industry news that impacts you is essential.

Our tracking is based on each week screening some of the UKs leading vacancy boards for how many Chemical Engineer jobs have been advertised within the last 7 days.  Please bear in mind that there is likely to be some repetition across jobs boards and some duplicate posting but our goal is to build up a picture of trends over time.

This week’s summary is for week commencing 3rd October 2014 for the past week and relates to Chemical Engineer vacancies posted on:

  • CV Library
  • Monster
  • Reed
  • The Engineer
  • Just Engineers

Our results showed that from these job boards a total of 102 Chemical Engineer jobs were published in the last week, seeing a ever so slight rise by 7% / 6 jobs overall – a complete mirror of last week. However where the difference in weeks comes is when it is broken down with permanent requirements rising by just 1%, while temporary after its drop last week, took a massive stride forward rising by 67%.

With permanent evening out a bit, which in itself is a positive not to see any drops and temporary getting back into form, fingers crossed we have more to come over coming weeks.


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