Questions You Should Ask Your Recruitment Agency

As the UK economy continues to grow, there are a greater number of job vacancies, as well as an increasing number of recruitment agencies ready and willing to supply you with candidates to fill these vacancies.

How can you distinguish between these agencies? How can you spot the differences between those that are reputable and those out to waste your time?

If you have not previously dealt with a particular agency, you should be prepared to screen them with a number of pertinent questions. This should fill you with a greater sense of confidence that they can source the right candidate for you.

Some questions you could ask include:

Is the agency specialist to my industry?

Does the recruitment agency have previous experience with companies such as yourself, along with any success stories to show this? Getting this information initially will ensure a greater fit between your business and the agency, providing reassurance that the company is knowledgeable about the roles you recruit for. To add to this, finding a recruitment consultant who knows your industry well will allow both parties to work more efficiently.

Does the agency hold a professional accreditation? 

There are a number of professional bodies in the UK which ensure that recruitment agencies work to a high standard. These bodies include the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and the Association for Professional Staffing Companies. If the recruitment agency you are working with is governed by a professional body such as these, you can be assured that they are experienced and competent. CK Group, for example, holds ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditations which are recognised worldwide.

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