Stage 3: The engineering job search & applying

We all know that searching for a new role can feel like a chore. Here at CK we want to enthuse prospective candidates about looking for work and also want to help with how best to make your application count. See the below handy tips and hopefully your experience will become more enjoyable!


  • Think about what you want to apply for:
    • What type of role would you like?
    • What skills do you have and what will they lend themselves to?
    • Which industry are you keen to enter?
    • While remaining flexible to a certain extent, focus the majority of your search on the above – it will feel tedious if you’re wading through a large number of jobs that seemingly have no relevance to your interests.


  • Use keywords when searching for roles:
    • Searching for job titles such as ‘Graduate Engineer’ will bring up various positions, but also try searching for the key words that you’re interested in, for example: chemical + engineer + COMAH.


  • Try searching on specialist agency websites:
    • If you’re particularly interested in mechanical engineering project management roles, keep an eye on a specialist engineering agency websites such as
    • Not only will these agencies have more relevant positions for you, but their consultants will have a better knowledge of their specific market and should be able to provide more tailored advice
  • Apply to roles that you are suitable for:
    • Flexibility is always helpful, however if an essential requirement of the role is “proven industrial managerial experience” the employing company is unlikely to consider candidates that can’t demonstrate this!
    • If your skills are relevant but slightly outside the criteria for the role, apply to the position and then call the consultant to find out whether you are still able to be considered or not.


  • Make sure your CV is fit for the application:
    • It does take a little while longer, but tailoring your CV to each role makes a huge difference in supporting your application and helps get you closer to that all-important interview.
    • While it may be inferred that you are familiar with e.g.: AutoCAD, if it is not on your CV you might not make it through the selection process.
    • Don’t stop there – if a particular skill is required make sure you expand on your experience in this area. This will demonstrate your commitment to the role in addition to showcasing your experience.


  • Keep track of your applications:
    • Which company are your details being sent to? At CK Engineers we discuss the company, location, salary and more as well as sending job descriptions to all candidates submitted to our clients.
    • It is important for us to know if your details have already been submitted to a specific company so please be aware of this information.
    • Which agency; the reference number; job title; location; which consultant – all of these will be vital from the initial stages of applying, through to offer stage.
    • Whether you prefer to use Excel, a paper list or your diary – please have this information to hand when enquiring about applications in addition to the date of application.


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