Stage 1: The Engineering Recruitment Process

It’s that time of year when engineering graduates are finishing exams and starting to think about how they’re going to use their skills in the workplace. Here at CK Engineers we have some handy tips to guide and advise prospective applicants regarding their job hunt. Providing an overview, this is the first article in a series of posts about the recruitment process which will delve into greater detail so bookmark this page for more help over the summer!

  • Your CV

Each person’s CV is personal to themselves, and we’ll be providing advice on the following: layout; headings; content; length; contact details; additional info.

  • The job search & applying

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start! We’ll provide tips on how to focus your search, where to look, how to keep track of your applications and also tailoring your CV.

  • The applicant-recruiter relationship

Not received a reply about that application? What about if you need to update your details? In this section of the series we offer real life insight in making the relationship work for both parties, from various points of view.

  • Interviewing

As well as general suggestions for any interview scenario, we will focus on engineering roles and what questions you are likely to be asked – and how best to answer them!

  • Accepting a job offer & starting a new role

Hurrah! Mission accomplished. We will discuss ensuring that you have all the details required so that you make the best impression on your first day, as well as hints for making that transition into a commercial industry workplace.


We will be releasing a new advice article every two weeks and concluding at the beginning of September. In the meantime you’re more than welcome to contact us if you have queries regarding any of the above

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