We have rebranded to form CK Technical

We are delighted to announce that we have rebranded. CK IT and CK Engineers have merged together to form CK Technical.

As specialist recruiters in the life science industries, we noticed that many of the IT and engineering roles that we recruit for have a great deal of crossover between the engineering and IT sectors. As our brands progressed it became clear that it would be advantageous to combine these two recruitment divisions.

Not only will this merge be an advantage to CK and it’s clients, it means that the years of experience held by CK Engineers and CK IT and their industry contacts will enable CK Technical to offer a wider variety of jobs, an improved recruitment service and help our candidates find the right roles tailored to their specialities.

Victoria Walker, Manager of CK Technical said “Merging CK Engineers and CK IT to form CK Technical has been a work-in-progress for a number of months now, and I’m delighted to see the results. Having both Engineering and IT roles in one place means we are better positioned to offer a wider service offering while maintaining our specialist knowledge and expertise within each area. Our CK Technical staff will continue to support our scientific- and technically-related clients and candidates alike, and we expect to be able to grow this area of the business yet present a simpler, more streamlined interface”. 

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