Work experience – the best way to kick start your career

Landing that first job after graduating is possibly one of the hardest roles to get. You are up against the full cohort of students, all graduating with similar skill sets as you and all vying for the same roles, so making yourself stand out is vital.

Work experience is a huge differentiator for employers. It makes you seem motivated and driven. It furnishes you with the knowledge of how to translate your taught skills into a work environment and also the experience of working with soft skills such as teamwork, communication and time management.

CK Consultant, Sam Stewart has written an article on the types of work experience available to you and how best to access it.

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Sam Stewart

Sam Stewart is a CK Recruitment Consultant. He has an industrial PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the GlaxoSmithKline and University of Strathclyde collaborative industrial PhD programme and four years industry experience

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