Write the perfect engineering CV

Recruiters will receive hundreds of applications for every competitive engineering job, so how can you make sure your engineering CV stands out from the crowd and doesn’t get discarded at the first hurdle?

We asked our CK Technical recruiters for their top advice when it comes to writing the perfect engineering CV. Here is a list of what to prioritise.

1. Create a clear structure

First of all, recruiters expect an engineering CV to reflect the characteristics of an engineer. Therefore, it needs to be concise, straight-forward and structured. With that in mind, we would advise against using colour, photos or logos as these could distract away from your valued skills and experience.

Start your CV by introducing yourself with a couple of lines highlighting your current job title, key skills and achievements. This section is designed to draw attention to the most important things you have accomplished to hook the reader and make you stand out from the competition – without going into too much detail.

2. Highlight your technical skills

Unsurprisingly, technical skills are the first thing a recruiter will look for within your engineering CV when assessing your suitability for their role. Specifically, the recruiter will be checking your education and work experience as well as your understanding of different programs, systems and software – depending on your speciality. Therefore, any relevant technical information should be at the forefront of your CV.

If you are a recent graduate or intern with little professional technical experience, it is a good idea to focus on the technical skills you have acquired at university. A good way to do this is to list any relevant modules you have studied, detail the types of projects you have worked on and highlight the different technologies you have learnt throughout the course.


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